My Armani Xclusive


My Armani Xclusive is the newest member of our equine family. She is a youthful five years old (17 hands already!) and is a perfect match with Daario. She is a purebred Saddlebred and is homozygous for the tobiano pattern. She is heterozygous bay (agouti) so when bred to our homozygous black stallion will produce black/white tobiano foals 50% of the time. We are excited to announce that we are expecting our first Georgian Grande foal from Armani in the fall of  2020!  This foal will be exceptional and will be available to a loving home after weaning.


World Champion Saddlebred sire.

Norsk's Alexander McQueen

Beautiful buckskin tobiano Saddlebred.

Eldorado's Golden Delicious

Armani was a people horse from Day 1.

Baby Armani


Isn't it time to add a

Prairie Wind Pearl to your life?

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