Prairie Wind Pearls

We pride ourselves on producing outstanding horses that are easy to handle, easy to train, versatile and athletic. The fact that they are gorgeous is icing on the already scrumptious cake! We also strive to provide top quality at reasonable prices so ownership is not limited to only those with very deep pockets. So, if you have discerning taste but a limited budget, we do offer payment plans on the young foals and in-utero foals.

Lets get started making your dream come true!

Dreams For Sale


2021 Special*

We realize that you are experiencing the same challenges that we are:

high hay prices + high fuel prices affecting horse transport prices + high everything!

Our goal has not changed. We are still committed to providing the best quality horses at the best price possible (and still get our bills paid)

Lets roll up our shirt sleeves and figure out how to get this done together. . .

1) We are offering a price reduction right off the top


2) we will pay 50% of the commercial transport fee**


3) Payment Plan    outlined in The Details on each page


*available until December 31, 2021 (or horse sells)

**we will assist with securing reputable transporter that is mutually acceptable to both seller and buyer

Don't miss our Future Foals page for info on upcoming foals!

Rside looking forward.jpg

Prairie Wind Midnight Dream

2021   75% Friesian colt

 Sire: Daario van Dream Gait       Dam: Sjoerds Trilogy Dream  

$7400  (payments accepted)


More Information

Cali frame over colt_edited.jpg

75% Friesian

25% Saddlebred


Homozygous Black

rside walking.jpg

Dancin in the Rain

hview looking left_edited.jpg
Trailer shadow 10-29-21_edited.jpg
Front left standing.jpg

2021 Blue Roan Filly

 Sire: Daario van Dream Gait     

 Dam: Raven  

    $7600 (payments accepted)

More Information 

-------- SOLD  -------

50% Friesian

50% Quarter Horse

UC Davis tested:

Blue Roan

NO Grey gene

Daario van Dream Gait

KFPS Purebred Friesian

-------- SOLD IN-UTERO -------

Friesian Sport Horse  foal due  April 20, 2022


American Quarter Horse




Ellie is homozygous for the roan gene which means that she is guaranteed to have a roan foal. Daario is homozygous black which means that Ellie's roan foal will be BLUE ROAN (no bay [agouti] or grey gene in either parent). 

Right front 9-25-20.jpg

Prairie Wind  Xclusive


2020 Georgian Grande colt

 Sire: Daario van Dream Gait       Dam: My Armani  Xclusive


Fall Colors pose.jpg

25% Friesian

75% Saddlebred

Stunningly Fancy!

-------- SOLD  -------

rside looking forward.jpg


2020 Blue Roan Percheron Filly


-------- SOLD  -------



2020 Blue Roan Friesian/Quarter Horse Filly


-------- SOLD  -------

right front 3-8-21.jpg
right hind 3-8-21_edited.jpg
rfront 5-15-20.jpg

Prairie Jazz Dancer


2019 Georgian Grande filly

 Sire: Norsks Tektonek      Dam: Sjoerds Trilogy Dream


Front pose 5-2-19.jpg

25% Friesian

75% Saddlebred

Homozygous Tobiano

-------- SOLD  -------