Prairie Wind Pearls

PWR Dancin in the Rain

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-------- SOLD  -------

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Excellent Foundation

Daario van Dream Gait
True Blue Roan Quarter Horse

The Details

$8250 original - $650 Special
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  • Foaled October 8, 2021
  • Will be registered with Friesian Heritage Horse International 
  • Expected to mature at ~16 hands
  • Purchase Price includes quality care including age-appropriate worming, feed, training and general care while at PWR
  • Transport Assistance available
  • Homozygous black via parentage
  • Roan color and absence of grey gene verified via UC Davis
  • Genetically clean hydrocephalus, dwarfism, PSSM1
  • Optional payment plan available until weaning as follows:
    • $1000 at time of contract signing​
    • $1000 due  Dec 1, Jan 1, Feb 1
    • Balance ($3600) due at time of delivery

-------- SOLD  -------

Daario Color Results

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Rain Color Results

Blue roan genetic color test

Raven Color Results

Blue Roan test results Raven