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Rita . . .because the best should be shared

Tall Blue Margarita

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Tall Blue Margarita (Rita) is a beautiful blue roan 2018 Percheron/Quarter Horse mare. I had been shopping for a tall blue roan Percheron cross mare for a couple of years and the right one just didn't come along . . . until this summer and the timing couldn't have been worse. Drought, extreme heat, the recent purchase of two young fillies and the extra high price on hay had depleted my energy and resources. But, I couldn't walk away without at least trying. A quick discussion with friends Bart and Shannon of Sanderson Horses and a new partnership was formed and Rita was ours! They had been admiring Rita as well, so I didn't have to twist their arm and we are all very excited to welcome Rita to our herds. Watch for future announcements as our special journey is just starting with this promising young mare.  

Blue Roan
Percheron/Quarter Horse

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