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The Beginning 
Prairie Wind Ranch was established in 2002 with the purchase of a magnificent KFPS Friesian stallion, Alex ut de Finnen (Anton 343 x Meier). Our journey with Alex included winning ribbons at World Friesian shows, regional dressage shows, many miles of trail riding in the beautiful Black Hills and making dreams come true by producing quality Friesian sport horses. He was not only an important part of our family . . . he was the center of our world. 

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Our Journey

In 2011 our world changed when Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just two months after completing cancer treatment, we were hit with more devasting news. Steve was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, for which there is no cure.  By 2015 Steve was no longer able to help at the farm, so reluctantly the process of rehoming horses and selling the ranch was begun. Fortunately, good homes were found for all and in July, 2015, Alex traveled to his new loving home in Canada.  With Faith, family and good friends we embarked on the next stage of our life journey.

​By 2017 Linda and Steve had settled into a much smaller farm and were transitioning to a slower lifestyle. In October Linda happened across a photo of a weanling Friesian colt and fell in love. Owning a stallion again was not even on the radar, but the magnetic draw to this adorable colt was undeniable. By the end of November, Daario van Dream Gait had arrived at Prairie Wind Ranch where he remained until 2023. He was, and still is loved and cherished for his sweet heart and loving personality.

In 2024 Steve was called Home, but his presence remains. As the co-founder of Prairie Wind Ranch his standard of excellence will be continued in everything we do. Every PWR animal will know the gentle heart and touch he personified.

The Future

We have exciting new mares in our broodmare barn and are looking forward to continuing to produce a small number of Friesian Sporthorse foals - and even a few purebred Friesians! Visit our Mares page to meet our special ladies.




Our Commitment

Although our herd is much smaller, our goals are not. We continue to choose only the best mares to produce purebred Friesians and Friesian derivative horses. Each Prairie Wind foal will receive excellent care from the moment it is born and we will continue to strive to find the very best homes for each special young horse. When they leave our gates for new homes, they will have a solid foundation of trust, confidence and socialization.

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