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The Waiting List . . .

The goal is to provide a fair way for people to let us know that they are seriously interested in a foal from a PWR mare. There is no obligation at the time you ask to be added to a list, but we do ask that you be seriously interested, have a place for a young horse and have the financial ability to provide a long term home. We have a Filly List and a Colt List for each mare.


How it Works . . .

If you see a mare in foal to a stallion that you like, just contact me and let me know that you would like to be on the Waiting List for that mare’s next foal and whether you have a gender preference. I will let you know what your place is on the list (1st, 2nd, etc). If you don’t have a gender preference, you will be placed on both lists for that mare. When the mare foals, the first person on the list will be notified. That person will have 36 hours to commit to that foal (sign a contract and make a 10% non-refundable deposit). If Person #1 passes, then Person #2 will be notified and given 36 hours, etc. When the contract is signed and the deposit made I will mark the foal SOLD. Payments can be made on the foal until weaning if requested.



KFPS Purebred 2023 Foal #1



Marissa is a proven producer of exceptional KFPS foals, so we are very excited to add her to the Prairie Wind family. She has four previous foals by Hessel that have been fabulous. Pictures of a couple of her previous fillies are on her page. She graced us with yet another outstanding filly on April 15, 2023. Willemina van Prairie Wind (Willow) is everything we had hoped for. She is friendly, inquisitive, smart, spunky, and has already impressed us with her athleticism. Congratulations Corey Kochel for this wonderful addition to your family. We are looking forward to seeing pictures of Willow as she matures!

Hessel 480
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KFPS Purebred 2023 Foal #2



Ember is the result of a two-decade dream and a multi-month search for an outstanding KFPS mare. She was imported from the Netherlands in December, 2022 in foal to the magnificent Maurus 441. This highly anticipated foal is expected to arrive in early July, 2023. Just imagining this foal gives me goosebumps. There is already a waiting list for both filly and colt options. If you would like to be added to the list as a backup, please contact Linda at the email address included at the bottom of this page.

Maurus 441 titled.png
Ember filly.png
Ember colt.png
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Colt or Filly

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