Sjoerds Trilogy Dream (Cali) was our first Georgian Grande and the reason we became hooked on the breed.  We watched her win ribbons at the World Friesian Show in San Diego in 2012 as a weanling. Two months later she was ours.  She is a shining star in our breeding program and a treasured member of our equine family.

When we decided to produce quality Georgian Grande foals, we searched for just the right Saddlebred mare to add to our herd. My Armani Xclusive (Armani) was the result of that nation-wide search. She is a tall young mare with two beautiful blue eyes, homozygous tobiano and an impressive pedigree.  We are looking forward to discovering the potential in her future Georgian Grande foals.

During our search for a quality homozygous tobiano Saddlebred mare we soon realized that there was a shortage. The few that were out there were not for sale. So we decided to roll the dice and breed our best mare to a black and white homozygous Saddlebred stallion and hope for a black and white homozygous filly . . . And that is exactly what we got! Jazzi is technically for sale right now, but if she doesn't find a perfect new home by the time she is three, we will be happy to keep her!

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