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Our Mares  .  .  . The Essential Foundation

The mare is essential and it can be argued the most important part of the equine breeding equation. She provides 50% of the foal’s genetics and also imprints the foal for the first few months helping to shape it’s personality and behavior. We put conformation, disposition and healthy genetics (disease free) at the top of our list of requirements for PWR mares.

The beauty they bring to the equation is the icing on the cake.

Head shot framed.png

Xandra is a 2015 KFPS ster mare in foal to Ulbran 502 for a 2024 foal. Her trot will give you goosebumps!

Cat photo framed.png
Keuring trot framed.png

Ember is a 2019 KFPS ster mare in foal to Ulbran 502 for a 2024 foal. She produced the Champion Filly at the 2023 keuring and we expect her 2024 foal to be just as fabulous!

Keuring head shot framed.png
rside trot keuring framed.png

Marissa is a 2012 KFPS mare in foal to Hessel 480 for a 2024 foal. Her previous Hessel foals have been so spectacular that we were excited to repeat this breeding!

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Elegance in Blue Jeans (AKA Redfords Blue Aries) is a 2005 AQHA blue roan mare. She is bred to KFPS Friesian Daario van Dream Gait for a 2024 blue roan foal.

lside walking framed.png

Quality begets Quality

At Prairie Wind Pearls we believe that if you start with the highest quality mare and choose an excellent stallion you will be blessed with the quality foals that you are proud to say

"THAT is a Prairie Wind Foal."

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