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Expect More

Our Mission at Prairie Wind Pearls

Our mission is to produce a small number of exceptional foals each year that exemplify the best of the Friesian breed by choosing exceptional Friesian stallions to cross with outstanding mares. The result, and the personal satisfaction comes when dreams come true. We don't just want our customers to be happy. We want them to be blissfully, overwhelmingly ecstatic.

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Cindy Goth Tolnay, IN

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"I purchased a 6 month old Georgian Grande from Prairie Wind Ranch two years ago. Clu is my heart horse and has been super easy to work with. Linda Torgerson does an excellent job of putting her babies through ‘Kindergarten’ class before they leave her. Clu easily loads in a trailer, stands tied, leads, and let's you handle all four feet. He has a super laid back disposition and is quite the character! Even when he knows he has been bad he sticks his nose in your face as if to say I'm sorry here's a kiss. I'm so impressed with my boy that I have purchased his half sister, a purebred Friesian who will come to live with us soon."
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