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A responsible breeding program doesn't happen overnight. It takes years of studying the equine breeds and choosing the one that matches your vision of the ideal horse. For us, that breed is the Georgian Grande. In 2013 we acquired an exceptional Georgian Grande mare and in 2017 we purchased an outstanding Friesian stallion. We have slowly and carefully built a program focused on quality and versatility. Our mission is to produce a small number of top foals each year that exemplifies the best of the Saddlebred and Friesian breeds.

"Exceptional foals start with Exceptional Mares and Sires."

Honestly Linda, I think all of your foals have turned out to be amazing horses. I know Murphy draws attention everywhere we go! And not just because of his looks. His first ever real trail ride was this year and he blew everyone away with how well he handles everything. They just have good minds!

Ashley Northup owner of Oliver and Murphy (both PW Pearls)

Fable stole my heart when he came for his pre-school training & development in the fall of 2016. I was thrilled you were willing to part with him, Linda! I just love this very special fella,,,, this gangly 16HH 2 yr. old is such a fast learner and loves to do anything you ask of him. What a FUN extrovert! He is just starting to wear the saddle, will lay down and sit up when I ask him to, gives hugs, smiles and is such a pleasure to teach. His movement is fabulous ~ thanks to the influence of Alex and Sjoerd's Trilogy Dream (Cali).

Sue Towne, Owner of Fable (Georgian Grande)

Can't thank you enough Linda! Tux is an amazing horse who we love dearly!!!

Michelle Wildberger Meyers, Owner of Tux (Georgian Grande)

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