Our Mission

A responsible breeding program doesn't happen overnight. It takes years of studying the equine breeds and choosing the one that matches your vision of the ideal horse. For us, the Georgian Grande is a versatile and consistently impressive breed in conformation, intelligence and performance. (Click HERE​ for a video about the Georgian Grande horse) In 2013 we acquired an exceptional Georgian Grande mare and in 2017 we purchased an outstanding Friesian stallion. We have slowly and carefully built a program focused on quality and versatility. Our mission is to produce a small number of top foals each year that exemplifies the best of the Friesian breed when crossed with top quality mares.  We are also a fan of the blue roan Friesian crosses. We produced several premium blue roan Friesian sport horses with our first Friesian stallion, Alex. They were favorites of ours and very popular with those who enjoy a rare and beautiful horse. Over the years we have continued to receive inquiries asking whether we had any blue roan Friesian crosses. We decided to answer the call and return to a previous passion. Please visit our Mares page for more information about the exciting additions to our small, select broodmare herd. We are very excited (and slightly impatient) for the future Prairie Wind Ranch foals!

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